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My Favorite Fishing Hole Goes Number One!

By Joe Joslin   Wed, Jul 01, 2015

My Favorite Fishing Hole Goes Number One!Hello, anglers. If you are a frequent reader of this column and other writings of this blessed angler you know I often refer to Toledo Bend as My Favorite Fishing Hole. Well, it seems I am far from being alone with that assessment as Bassmaster Magazine recently tapped Toledo Bend as the number one bass lake in the entire country. For several years, Bassmasterhas annually featured the top 100 bass lakes in the country and Toledo has always been in the top tier of lakes. However, given the almost unbelievable number of huge bass caught there the last 12 months, all that data/info pushed the Bend to that number one spot.

Fellow outdoor writer, Jimmy Watson, says Bassmaster used research, surveys, and interviews to make this decision. They also polled numerous game and fish departments across the country for their opinions.  Bassmaster also has 600,000 Facebook fans who helped influence the decision.

As a bass guide on Toledo since the late 90s (and fishing the lake twenty years prior), I have spent 175-225 days on the Bend for the past 17 years. I think this may qualify me to voice a credible assessment of this awesome fishery called Toledo Bend. During that time there has never been a better opportunity to catch your lifetime bass. In the past four months we (myself and clients) have caught 3 bass over 9lbs., 6 over 8lbs. and I have lost count of the 6 and 7 pounders caught.

Every day I tell clients, “There’s a very good chance one of us will catch a huge bass today so make sure your drag is set, fresh line and a good knot.” That’s how often we are getting bit by a trophy bass. It may not happen every day but often enough that if you make a cast into Toledo Bend you better have your “house” in order or one of these Toledo bruisers will leave you talking to yourself.

To be able to work this fishery is an anglers dream and I am so very blessed to have a guide service where I have a lakehouse on south Toledo, just 33 miles from Sam Rayburn. Big Sam ranked in the top 10 best lakes in the country. This guide is giving thanks and wishing all of you good fishing.

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